Digital Video Production Reflective Commentary on Trailer Produced

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In this reflective commentary, I aim to present and explain my choice of shots that went into my version of the trailer [and how it represents aspects of the film]. I have included sections exploring prevailing themes and meaning in the trailer; continuity versus montage editing; titles; video transitions and sound; and finally, in conclusion, I have explored weaknesses in the editing process which explains my goal and the reasons for shortcomings of the project.


This scene signifies the beginning of a relationship representing all things positive and tender and affectionate, which is disrupted by this explosion, which represents the disturbances that life represents - some of which the relationship may survive, but more importantly, sets the tone for the wife to be prepared for her new husband to leave her in an instant to deal with these disturbances. The film line revolves around Vargas, the 'hero' and his weakness in balancing his personal and professional responsibilities. On a broader level, this opening scene is a microcosm for the theme of the rest of the film: the ever raging and seemingly endless battle between good and evil, within the characters themselves as well as between them. <> (Tom Dirk, Film site review)
The title Orson Welles appears in the 9th second who introduces t ...
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