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Teachers have to provide motivation and further encourage the student to continue exploring and questioning the matter. It is important for the students to learn to apply what the teacher has delivered as information. This educational goal can be achieved if they learn how to think abstractly. The teacher has to equip them with the tools to critically evaluate situations and problems and then determine by themselves the solution. This happens when the teacher uses strategies and concepts that build skills required for productive collaboration. Students have to construct their own meaning despite the directions and teaching methods of the teachers (Science for all Americans 1990).
Through the principles of learning and teaching, the learning environment also encourages students to develop their independent and interdependent learning abilities. The teachers should establish an atmosphere where the students can learn both individually and with each other. Such tasks can be beneficial especially for young students who still orient themselves in the educational setting. Learning usually occurs when students have the opportunity not only to express their ideas, but also to get feedback both from their peers and teachers (Science for all Americans 1990). ...
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The traditional pedagogical method of learning and teaching was to simply fill the student with information. However, knowing the principles of education the teacher's role now is focused on the student's background, needs and interests. This new approach is more problem-solving oriented and initiates both the active involvement of the teacher and the student.
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