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Emile Durkheim's Theories on Education and Morality

But as America became more populated and as problems became more social, the focus on education had shifted to the human being in relation to society. The people realized that the human being was affected by its environment and the role of education is to transmit present societal traditions and customs to the students by using teachers as social agents. Because of Durkheim's influence, the American society began to value individual freedom and self-determination that depicted the product of Protestant ethic and the impact of psychology on educational theory.
The present society now corresponds to Durkheim's theory of education. Focusing on his educational beliefs and view points, this essay aims to acquire the significance of his theoires on the past and present day society.
According to Filloux, Durkheim emphasized the general needs of the individual in order to recognize the function of a social phenomenon (304). He asserted that every society has a system of education that is inflicted on individuals and has a concept of a "human ideal"-physically, intellectually and morally. He viewed it as a "methodical socialization" that ensures the "conditions of existence" of every individual in a society.
For Durkheim, discipline is a factor of education and a means of averting culpable conduct (43). ...
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Emile Durkheim was one of the most influential American theorists in the history of sociology (Abbott 235). He had given attention to the role of education in society and developed a theory that justifies that role. People were unaware of his educational writings which came out late but evidently, his experience in teaching influenced his theories on sociology.
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