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Body. The Intensive Care Unit is in a 350 bed general acute care community hospital in Buffalo, New York. The official, Cook has to report to, is the Senior V.P. offr Nursing, one Mr. Jones. The medical officer in charge of the unit is Dr. Graham who does general supervision.


protocols and therefore a bit uncertain and lacking in her communication with the patients, the doctors and Miss Cook.
Cook has to help Miss Wolf to shed her complexes and make her an efficient member of the staff. Usually, there are two methods. One is the Chosen leadership style and the other is the Authoritative leadership style. In the former, the leader is a chosen one and therefore has to be pleasant mannered, ever ready to help, interested in staff welfare, and be able to win the goodwill of all concerned. She has to use persuasion than power, instill duty consciousness in the nurses and teach them to find happiness in doing their job well. The other method is the Authoritative leadership style. This is indicated when circumstances call for a new vision. Any unit requires a clear sense of direction in order to achieve progress. If this is the problem, the Authoritative style would be very usefull. Sometimes organizations drift without any sense of direction and on such occasions also the Authoritative style is more appropriate and relevant. This style has a special attitude. It seems to say, "Come on! Come with me! I am with you. We will shatter all problems and go ahead!" Though authoritative, the style allows the workers a lot of freedom to deploy their own methods, skills and diplomacy and even to take calculated risks up to a limit. ...
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