Working Mothers in America's Twentieth Century and Beyond A Social Perspective - Essay Example

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Working Mothers in America's Twentieth Century and Beyond A Social Perspective

Women, in general, occupy a secondary or subordinate position in many societies. Plans have been devised to help working mothers overcome their socioeconomic problems and to provide them with equal opportunities. Instead of increasing productivity, development processes have relegated women into economic sectors that limit social and economic mobility.
The 20th century has changed lives and destinies of women, their social, economic and political roles in society. Social change raises new issues about the social meaning of adult identity for women. Many women are marrying later, having one child, and having them later in life than their mothers or grand-mothers did. Before 1900, in all-male government circles, employment policies were being developed which catered for a proportion of unemployed working-class men, but which omitted any specific reference to women. Although the attempts of the 'right to work' movement in the decade before the First World War was to force the State to accept responsibility for creating paid employment for unemployed men have been documented. 1980s-1990s brought a change in social relations and political area allowing women greater participation in workforce and labor relations. Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century, the role of working mother is still limited by their social status (as a mother and a wife).
The beginning of the 20th century marked a ne ...
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During 20th century, Greta changes have taken place in women labor force. Since 1990s, more and more women became employed full-time. Critics admit that it has a positive impact on personal development of women but reduces number of hours women spend with a family…
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