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Essay example - diversity, legal rights of students

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The journey from referral to assessment to the development of an IEP and eventual placement in the most appropriate environment is a comprehensive process incorporating many different phases" (Gargiulo, 59, 2006).
1) A free, appropriate public education. This is the mandate that requires the participating states to ensure that a free, appropriate public education is available to children with disabilities living in the state (La Venture, 2003).

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The IEP channels the delivery of special education services and supports for the student with a disability (La Venture, 2003).
3) Evaluations for special education. It should involve more than a single process, be nondiscriminatory, be done in a child's primary language, arranged by qualified multidisciplinary team, and tailored to gauge particular areas of need (La Venture, 2003).
4) Federal financial assistance. It will be given to local and state governments that provide full educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Since federal law regulates the rights of education for students with special needs, and due to the additional costs associated with educating these students, federal money is made available to schools based upon the number of students in the special education program. Every student, regardless of cost or disability, should be given by public school districts the right to an education within their schools (La Venture, 2003).
5) Due process procedures. Occasionally school districts and parents argue on how a child with disabilities must be educated. When this occurs, there are measures in place to deal with these conflicts. Parent involvement consists of a) the right to receive notice, b) equal partnership
in the decision-making pr ...
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