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Essay example - Statistical Analysis

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The intangible concept of "job satisfaction" is among the most difficult of business performance measures to document, and yet it remains one of the most notable factors in ensuring continuity of business practices and employee loyalty. Consequently, much research has been done in this area, with an ultimate objective of determining factors that can influence staff-job satisfaction…

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As a preliminary analysis data set, overall job satisfaction is among the most important of the fields currently under study. A random sample of 30 responses was drawn from the 275+ data set to provide initial findings; this sample set is reproduced as drawn from the population in Table 1.
Job satisfaction is measured on a scale ranging from 1 (least satisfied) to 7 (most satisfied) in tenths of a point steps. Data is gathered by self-report and by examination of working conditions, pay grade and other data from employee files. Data was examined to determine whether the scores appear to conform to central limits; if so, it is likely that further analysis can determine specific factors that affect job satisfaction in all three areas of study (intrinsic, extrinsic and overall).
Measures of central tendency were established for the sample data set (see Table 2) using standard statistical methods. As all three measures are within 0.013 points of each other, central tendency is demonstrably underscored. Further separation of the data points into discrete classes yielded the data presentation found in Table 3, which was then plotted as a histogram (see Figure 1 on final page).
Two major points are obvious from the data as presented in Table 3 and the histogram: firstly, that the data is grouped relative ...
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