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Active euthanasia requires some direct action which leads to death. There is not a withdrawal of life-support systems, but some affirmative action which speeds up or results in a person's death. The important point is that this type of euthanasia is done to a person who would otherwise die of natural causes. In this way, the death is sped up rather than caused. It is also important to note that active euthanasia is not the same as a mercy killing. A mercy killing occurs when the patient is unable to direct another person. In the active euthanasia situation, by contrast, the patient is aware of what is happening and is able to direct the acts of euthanasia. Thus, the patient agrees to this course of action. There are no questions as to the patient's intent. In sum, active euthanasia is the speeding up of a person's death. This person consents to the euthanasia and would, in any event, die of natural causes.
There are many arguments in support of this particular type of euthanasia. As an initial matter, both common people and medical professionals argue in large numbers that prolonging a terminal illness causes unnecessary pain and suffering for the patient and for the patient's friends and family. As mentioned, the person is going to die. ...
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Euthanasia is a controversial and difficult topic. It is difficult because it involves life and death choices. It is complicated because there are many ethical, medical and legal considerations. There are different types of euthanasia, such as passive euthanasia and active euthanasia…
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