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Poetic "sincerity" in William Carlos Williams poem This Is Just To Say

This poem, disguised as a note glued on the refrigerator, could be interpreted in a multiple dimensions. There is no general agreement on the theme. "The poem could be concerned with the uselessness or self-entrapment of sexual desire, comparable to the expense of spirit in a waste of shame. There's the potential oedipal reading, with the boy thwarted in an attempt to comprehend his origin; to learn of it from his mother. Or there's the reading that would suggest self-referentiality; it is the poem itself that means nothing." (Matterson, 38) And there are scores and grosses of interpretations to this lean poem but the overall truth that ultimately catches the readers' mind is the ultimate sincere approach that the poet takes in this poem. It should be taken into account that the only word capitalized in this poem is the word 'Forgive'. Why would a poet suddenly capitalize a word in the midst of all lower cased words is he is really not sincere with the meaning of the word
William Carlos Williams' poems stabilized themselves on the opposite pole of the likes of Ezra Pound's and especially T.S. Eliot's whose poetry depicted recurrent use of reference to foreign art, religion, history or languages. ...
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William Carlos Williams' poem "This Is Just To Say" conveys a feeling of lustful transgression, commented in a manner of apology but with any profound regret. An imagist by nature (logically enough as a friend of avant-garde modern artists Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp and vastly predisposed by Dadaist and Surrealist principles), Williams' poems generally inclines towards a utopian socialist overture…
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