The Tree of the Wooden Clogs

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History is part of our life. At the same time, movies are also part of our modern life. Movies serve as a form of entertainment for many of us. But still others consider movies as the venue where information dissemination could take place.
Ermanno Olmi, director of "The Tree of the Wooden Clogs" know exactly that he can use his artistic ability to share some important parts of his country's history.


More specifically, this tackles Olmi's and his movie's ability to share history and the impact that it has created to his viewers. More so, this answers the following questions:
"The Tree of Wooden Clogs" is a movie which theme is focused with the peasants' experience during the 18th century, when tenant farmers worked for landlords under feudal relationship. Work, then is very important. It serves as the totality of these farmers' lives. Different household scenarios are shown in this movie. Scenarios, which some will still be familiar because they are still happening today, and scenarios which people of today's generation will consider as unthinkable.
Typical farming activities such as the growing and harvesting of crops, and breeding and slaughtering of animals are shown in this movie. Moreover, typical housewives' such as washing of used clothes from dusk until dawn, taking care of the children (despite lack of proper food). There are also scenes wherein a child was shown walking several miles just to attend school, and one wife is shown being advised by a priest to give her son to some orphanage because she cannot maintain providing her son with proper food, clothing and education. ...
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