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Essay example - Management and decision making at Cadbury.

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Cadbury does not really have a main administration department. Each department has its own administration. Each department is responsible for its inputs of information, processing information and output of information; does its own filing, photocopying, correspondence, mail and telephone calls.

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Respect for staff and their abilities
A willingness to collect and use data to determine the nature and size οf problems and to improve processes
Cadbury has more than one management style. This is so it has the best management. This is in terms οf efficiency, training, and knowledge and to focus more on the loyalty οf the workers in Cadbury. Cadbury has three management styles, which are:
Autocratic: is the decision-making, made by an individual or a group, without the help or advice οf other members οf staff.
Democratic management: This is when all members οf staff work together as a team. They listen to each other's inputs οf ideas and suggestions. Then as a team they reach a decision. This management style is good for Cadbury because it motivates workers; with having power and decision making and through this it allows them to be involved in the business. For example refer to the Curly Wurly (Refer to the production section, page 8).
Consultative management: This is when all the ideas are received and then analysed. If ideas are found to be achievable and successful by the senior group, then it is taken forward. Since Cadbury is a flat structure, mangers working find that they can consult the level or layers οf the organisation before making the decision. ...
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