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School Restructuring Model - Essay Example

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Schools in general adopt comprehensive programs that help in achieving academic excellence and bring about a change in student's personality and performance. At the same time nationwide educational reforms and efforts by such Act's as The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) continue to evolve to meet the high standards of education while keeping in mind the students' overall development.

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School Restructuring Model

I chose to study and analyze "Quantum Learning K-12" model because the principle objective of this model is aimed at integrating life skills into the curriculum; make content relevant and interesting; integrate technology and software into the classroom; and the target population is up to high school level starting from the elementary level. Especially, the model's beliefs that (1) all people can learn; (2) people learn differently; and (3) learning is effective when it is engaging and challenging are true to fact and realistic.
The Quantum Learning model proposed by Bobbi DePorter, and Rosa Davis, originated during a SuperCamp academic and life skills youth program in 1982. This program adopted by 80 schools in 11 states, was staged off in 1991. The "Quantum Learning" model was basically designed to achieve life skills in tandem with school education, foster dynamic and challenging environment, increase teacher strength, and enhance student's achievement. ...
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