The advent of the internet age and mobile technology

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The world is most definitely coming closer together. The advent of the internet age and mobile technology has made time and space virtually irrelevant when it comes to interpersonal communications and business transactions. Huge physical distances are now all but meaningless, as are regular business hours.


With this virtual shrinking of distances between people comes the ability to be much more customized in terms of solutions and marketing. To be sure, the ability of companies to remain competitive in today's global business climate depends on their ability to anticipate and meet the personal needs of each individual with whom they conduct transactions. Technology enables businesses to detect various degrees of individual interest in various subjects, and then match marketing campaigns in a way that is most likely to resonate with various categories of people.
A more standardized approach may have been necessary back in the day when companies depended on a certain amount of business within a particular defined geography and set of hours in order to deliver goods and services most efficiently within those constraints. Standardization was also a marketing tool designed to reassure potential consumers of a particular product or service that the purchase were making was identical in quality to those of other who are making the same purchase. In the pre-internet age, when product information and research was not as readily available as it is today, such an assurance would have been very important to consumers who would otherwise have little reason to be confident that their purchases would meet their needs.
Today, howev ...
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