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Psychological Contract

It may not be the end of work but its attenuation in terms of quality of life and of working life will boomerang.
Have there been a decline of the traditional career and the growth of non-standard work arrangements and has this led to a fundamental shift in the nature of the psychological contract. This paper takes a close look at what could have been and what is.
What is a contract Contracts are a ubiquitous and binding feature seen in organisations the world over. A Contract serves as a bond that brings together employees and employers together to achieve the organisational goal. Although macro research has paid some attention to the study of contracts, such as by Williamson, 1975 (Robinson, Kraatz, & Rousseau, Changing Obligations and the Psychological Contract: A Longitudinal Study, Research Notes) 2, an elaborate study or focus on the research on this field leaves a lot to be desired.
"Technological advancement is assumed to be the most irresistible driver of change. ...
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Have the decline of the traditional career and the growth of non-standard work arrangements led to a fundamental shift in the nature of the psychological contract for both managerial and non-managerial employees
Non-standard employment relations such as part-time work, temporary help, contract employment, short-term and contingent work, and independent contracting, are becoming increasingly prominent and popular in recent years (Annual Review of Sociology,, referred on 16.04.2006)1.
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