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Personal Statement for Postgraduate Study Applications

Nevertheless, it allowed me to define what career I would like to choose. My graduate education showed me the importance of organization in business sphere that is why I choose business management as a possible career. Management is getting things done through other people (Caroselli, 1). As for me, good organization is crucial for getting positive results in any sphere of business. A good manager is a person, who can plan, control, motivate and reward the employees. I feel I need the education that would give me those skills.
Another sphere, which makes me interested, is economic and finance. I feel that this course should help me to enhance my knowledge in the peculiarities of financial management of the company. I've always felt the importance of acquiring skills in money management. I hope this course can teach me the mechanics of financial functioning of the company, and provide knowledge on the mechanisms of getting profits and minimizing losses. In addition, I've always been interest in global economics. I hope that an advanced course in economic and finance may grant me deeper insight into this issue.
For me working with schedules and deadlines is the most challenging issue. ...
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There are 6,5 milliards of people living on our earth, and every one of them has his/her own life history, a combination of circumstances, backgrounds and factors that make every person unique and valuable. In my opinion, the more experiences you have during your lifetime, the more people and places you meet, the more skilled and valuable professional you become…
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