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Assignment example - Curriculum checklist

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Curriculums are one of the most important parts of an educational institute or an education strategy because a curriculum defines the education that the students at a particular institute would receive. This perhaps than makes it more of a topic that is to be decided by the administration and immense care has to be taken regarding several matters because if this restrain is not practiced then the purpose of a curriculum is lost altogether…

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A curriculum should be designed with having all these diversities in mind and even then it should be a very solid one because this is the basic stepping stone for every student who seeks knowledge because the institute that the students visits is to decide what a students is going to study and learn at the institute. There should be no disbursement of education that is biased towards any gender or race because then it would be very difficult to strike the correct balance with in the institute because the atmosphere would then be very hostile towards that race or gender. Religious studies imparted at any student should be done with extreme care because religion is aspect of life where emotions run high and wild and it is very easy to mould religion into different shapes and use it for ones convenience. ...
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