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Subject Criminal Profiling

In the space provided, list those factors which substantiate an accidental death and were found at or in:
As a peace officer and a person whose career is on human protection and rights, it is common practice for the victim to have the weapons near arms reach so that in cases of turmoil and conflicts, the weapon will be always ready to be used. Also, it has been embedded in the victims' subconscious that the weapons should always be with him attached to his body or near him. In this case, it was near his place of demise.
During the time of his deliberation of the act, the victim may not want to see his badge, credentials and uniform around the place of where the act will be done. This is based on the fact that the victim worked very hard to earn those items during a better time in his life. There is an underlying assumption that the victim may not want to see the things he deeply cared for so as not to influence his decision to do what he must. He hid them in a box on the floor below because he did not want them to be in the same room when he killed himself.
We have conducted a complete investigation regarding this unattended death and have come to the conclusion that this death was caused by accident attributed to autoerotic asphyxia. ...
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Autoerotic asphyxia is a paraphilia which is a sub-category of sexual masochism, autoerotic or sexual asphyxia. This potentially lethal sexual practice refers to sexual arousal that is produced while reducing the oxygen supply to the brain.
This project is made to assimilate whether or not the crime scene found was a suicide case or simply an accident attributed to autoerotic asphyxia…
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