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Child Abuse

The writer of this paper has chosen this particular study in the fact that it was well rounded, well supported and well reviewed. There is also a great interest in not only preventing child abuse but helping children who have been abused or neglected survive.
In considering what research to review the purpose of the study had to be considered The purpose of this study was to determine a new method to determine resilience. Determining this method would include reviewing resilient children and the outcomes they have had.
This study was carried out by Robert J Flynn, School of Psychology and Centre for Research on Community Services, University of Ottawa, Hayat Ghazal, Services for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell & Centre for Research on Community Services, University of Ottawa, Louise Legault, Child Welfare league of Canada and Center for Research on Community Services, University of Ottawa, and Susan Petricks as well as Gail Vandermeulen from Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, in Canada.
In asking the question, "to what extent does resilience change the outcomes for abused and neglected children who are raised out the home" the researcher is able to determine, also, whether there is a difference in these children when they are raised in home versus those raised out of home. ...
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Child abuse and neglect have become a major issue throughout the U.S. It affects every walk of life and is prevalent in every sector. Three million abused children were in the emergency room in 2005, 1.6 million of those were neglected, 800,000 were physically abused, 300,000 sexually abused, 100,000 emotionally abused and 1100 deaths per year (Hyden, 2009)…
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