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Jurisdiction - Essay Example

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Garvin (2002) defines Jurisdiction as the authority of a federal court or a state to hear a case. It can also refer to the authority of an agency, commission, department, board, or public administrative body to investigate, initiate, or review a complaint…

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There are various types of jurisdiction; among the types of jurisdictions are: in personam and subject matter. A court must have both in personam and subject matter jurisdictions, in order to preside over a case. Subject matter jurisdiction refers to the authority over the matter in dispute. It concerns what types of disputes may be heard by which courts. The in personam jurisdiction is referred to as the authority over a person (Garvin, 2002).
All trial courts have either limited jurisdictions or general jurisdictions; limited jurisdictions are limited to certain types of cases, for instance, bankruptcy court, tax court and housing court. General jurisdiction courts have the power to hear various cases. In addition to that, all courts have either exclusive or concurrent jurisdictio9n in any specific category of cases. An exclusive jurisdiction is a type of jurisdiction whereby only one court has the power to hear a case. On the other hand, concurrent jurisdiction is the kind of jurisdiction where more than one courts have the power to hear the case (Barbara, 2001).
Other types of jurisdictions include original and appellate jurisdictions. All courts either have original or appellate jurisdiction. ...
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