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Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution

Nonetheless, the common man in the United States enjoys his/her fundamental rights. S/he can sue the national government if s/he feels that his/her rights are violated.
The United States Constitution supports the federal form of government. This is governance by the rule of law. The essence and treatment of law is supposed to be with the judiciary. The judiciary interprets the law.
The new framework of the Constitution does not overtly affect the liberty of citizens except on the issue of taxes. There are taxes levied by the federal and state governments. The US citizen has the right to expression, movement and to earn his living. The Constitution does not come in the way of these. The same sex marriage and abortion laws differ between the states. There are variations in same sex and abortion laws and these persuasions are supposed to be in the best interests of the citizens. (David T. Canon et al)
In the same manner, there are other issues such as housing, medical care, employment, etc. where laws are framed for the good of citizens but are subject to dispute in the implementations. However, the overall position of the common man is significantly better when compared to other nations.
The issues are between the states and the national government. ...
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Power belongs to people. However, the new framework of the Constitution describes power as political and suffused in "American business, public policy, and political theory" (David T. Canon et al). In reality, power as belonging to people is highly debated and defined from time to time in the courts of law…
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