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Nursing care in cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barr Syndrome, Spinal Cord Trauma, Stroke, or Alzheimer's has one thing in common - palliative care. Medicines are necessary but it is difficult to pinpoint the medical regimen given the complexity of the above diseases and the doses needed to be administered.


Patients have access to medical advice and similar cases online and can be extremely curious and choosy about medicines prescribed. Hence, medical practitioners must be prepared for queries from patients or their relatives about a particular line of treatment and the medicines prescribed.
There are cures for some of the above diseases. Others such as stroke and Alzheimer disease, by and large, do not have effectives cure as of now. In these circumstances, it is advisable to opt for therapeutic treatments such as basic and simple exercises and physiotherapy as these enable patients to live with due adjustments for longer time periods.
The above diseases interfere with the physical and mental capacities of the patients. The interference depends on the severity of the attack. It is important to get the correct diagnosis of the disease. Once the correct diagnosis is concluded, the regimen of medicines must be made available to the patient if he or she has to make informed decisions on whether or not to opt for the medicines. The patient has to make informed decisions because certain medicines have debilitating side effects (Deverell, Lil; 2002).
Along with periodical nursing care, family members are the best caregivers for patients of the above diseases. ...
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