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Exploration of the Father Child Relationship - Essay Example

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The theme of father and child is often explored in literature and more expressively in poetry. The complex nature of familial relationships offers intense emotion, volatile situations, and common experiences. These common experiences allow poetry and their authors to be easily accessible, and understood by their audiences…

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Exploration of the Father Child Relationship

Hayden comments on the guilt a child has when they realize they have taken their father for granted. In Seamus Heaney's igging the narrator expresses admiration and love for his father and grandfather. Heaney explores a child's eed to pleaseand a grown child's need to be his own man. Each of these poems depict different events, through different eyes, and expresses different sentiments. However, through the use of literary devices each author is able to convey and explore the unique relationship between father and child.
In iggingthe relationship between father and child is conveyed from the child's point of view through the use of onomatopoeia, extended metaphor, and fragmented structure. The poem centers on the narrator coming to terms with becoming a writer instead of a laborer which his father and grandfather both had been. The narrator acknowledges his father's work and work ethic. He articulately describes his father's expertise at digging with admiration and writes, he coarse boot nestled on the lug, the shaft / Against the inside knee was levered firmly. / He rooted out tall tops, buried the bright edge deep(lines 10-12). Onomatopoeia is when an author uses words which resembles sound or suggests meaning. ...
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