Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation

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Five years ago in the year 2000, one of baseball's greatest players (arguably the best player at that time) was nearing the end of his then current contract with the Seattle Mariners. He had played in the major leagues for over 10 years and had spent the last five of those years with the Seattle Mariners.


The parties to the negotiation for Ken Griffey's services were divided into four categories. Those categories include: Ken Griffey and those individuals representing or affiliated with Mr. Griffey, the Cincinnati Reds and all those working with them, the Seattle Mariners and their management, and the New York Mets who were minor players in the drama. Bit players including the commissioner and the commissioner's office, the Cincinnati and Seattle baseball fans, and the players that were traded for Griffey could have had some impact as well (especially looking at the transaction five years later).
Each of these four entities and the bit players all played their role in the transaction. Some had more impact than others, and some made this entire deal quite interesting to watch from an analytical viewpoint.
The setting for this transaction was that Ken Griffey was finishing a contract with the Seattle Mariners. He was a 10/5 year man, which meant that he had control over where he was ultimately going to play baseball, and for what team because he had veto power over any trade involving himself.
It was not that he was dissatisfied with the Mariners, and he especially was not dissatisfied with their more than lucrative offer of over $17 million per year, but the was more a case of his wife and family's dissatisfac ...
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