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Technology for the Disabled - Essay Example

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The sheer demand for products that are blind accessible - some 10 million Americans are visually impaired - has drawn companies to develop new products, such as screen readers that allow the blind to surf the web" Schafer, 1998, F .05). Adaptive technology is extremely expensive and many companies do not want to spend the funds to provide the appropriate technology for the disabled…

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Technology for the Disabled

Obtaining information on the Internet, making online reservations to obtain discounts, making a friend is imposable for those who are blind or visually impaired. Adaptive technology can provide a means for those with little or no visions to access online tools and basic computer programs. Computer software can read screens and Braille printers and keyboards and make information usable for the visually impaired. Self-service kiosks are becoming a convenience in the service industries particularly in hotels and airports. Despite the convenience to the customer, self-service kiosks exclude the disabled and are less then convenient for the mobility, visually, and hearing impaired. Technology has made great strides over the centuries but had left out a large portion of the population in the process. Adaptive technology can make self-service kiosks friendlier and accessible for the disabled, however, the expense of such technology is extensive. "For example, to make check in kiosks work for travelers with visual impairments, the machines would have to undergo a costly retrofit to add a Braille reader or audio prompts" (Elliot, 2005, C7). ...
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