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Individuals Differing in Gender

Thus an idea about the shape and distribution of the data is obtained. Hence for the variable of relationship with mother the clustering around score 3 corresponds that most individuals share "somewhat close" relationship with mother whereas a clustering around score 4 for satisfaction with self implies that most individuals are at most times satisfied with their own selves from the legend.
In Table 3, a frequency distribution of scores of various variables is provided. Thus it can be observed that no individual is observed to have no contact what so ever with their mother. Some or the other form of relation is maintained in all the individuals. Also most individuals are somewhat or very close with their mother.
The standard deviation explores the spread of scores which is calculated by looking at the differences between individual values and the mean. Thus, with a small SD we would known that a lot of values are close to the average value. Whereas, a large SD would indicate that values are generally further away from the average value. Here in Table 4 we observe a more or less uniform standard deviation of around 0.8 which indicates that all variables have scores distributed comparably. The range gives us an idea of the limits in which the spread of the scores is occurring. ...
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Two datasets of individuals differing in gender are analyzed statistically with respect to various psychological variables. A few speculations and possibilities are proposed based on the statistical results. However it should be clarifies that these results are solely subject to the demographics of the dataset, their socio economical positioning and limited by sample size.
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