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The Strange New World within the Bible - Book Report/Review Example

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The Strange New World within the Bible

In doing this, he is assured that the Lord will be with him. Karl again issues a plea to the readers about acceptance of Moses and his trust in the Lord. Just as he has described from the beginning, Karl continues to recall certain Biblical events in the hopes of getting people's attention. In every instance, he elaborates how the seers and prophets of the Lord accept what is said to said to them without any further query. Saintly men believe in the mercy of the Lord. According to Karl, while we read about all that happened, just as we would with other stories, we do not feel ourselves emotionally attached to the background information of these incidents, which is always there to be experienced and understood.
After detailing all of the incidents in a manner which is quite effective, Karl moves towards the public's disapproval of the Lord when something may be lacking in their life, but when people are in circumstances which they have no way to adapt, as well as when they are in a situation from which they are unable to get themselves out, they in turn call the Lord for his help and support, as he is the one who is there for not just consoling, but is also the one who is there for forgiveness as well as mercy and who has unlimited power to heal every curse that is put on people due to their own individual misdeeds. In return, the non-believers who seek to increase the misery and suffering of people, are punished by the Lord as he is always aware of those who not only do good, but those who wish to do bad.
In recalling the past events that are told in Bible, Karl continues towards Jesus, who with the assistance of the Lord, came to end all misery felt by people. With the help of the Lord, he was given the power to heal the injured, as well as the ability to put life in the dead, to cure the blind, lame or deaf and the chance to cleanse leprosy from within a body. At that point people were diverted and wayward after Moses, but Jesus was there to help them escape their sufferings and wretchedness.
After giving background information related to Jesus and his followers, as well as the earlier prophets, Karl then discusses the missionaries, who felt that it was their responsibility to preach to all creatures what they have learned from Bible. They took the message of the Bible to all doors, preaching about the gospel and what it said about how it was going to change people's lives around the world. Karl cites a quotation of Paul, in which it talks of how for those people who live their lives following the teachings of Jesus Christ will be the strongest servants of God as they will be seen as obedient to him, as well as his prophet. Moreover, they will be like Christ in the way they live their life, as they will have adopted his pattern for living. After quoting Paul, Karl quotes John, again detailing the glory and mercy of God, which is associated with the sending of Christ to the earth.
Karl's way of deliverance is not only quite impressive, but also effective in the manner in which the readers are enchanted by the words that he ...Show more


The Strange New World within the Bible", an essay which appears in the book The Word of God and The Word of Man written by Karl Barth, begins with numerous questions relating to Bible and its efficacy. The second paragraph of the essay takes the readers into a world where they are with Abraham in Haran, as well as they are able to listen to a call from the Lord, who orders them to leave the land and makes a promise to them of a great nation…
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The Strange New World within the Bible essay example
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