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Essay example - Why do som popl consistntly inspir othrs to follow thir ld

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Why do som popl consistntly inspir othrs to follow thir ld ccording to John C. Mxwll, uthor of 24 books nd rgulr spkr on th topic, it's th "chrctr qulitis" thy possss. Mxwll idntifis ths top trits s chrctr, chrism, commitmnt, communiction, comptnc, courg, discrnmnt, focus, gnrosity, inititiv, listning, pssion, positiv ttitud, problm-solving, rltionships, rsponsibility, scurity, slf-disciplin, srvnthood, tchbility, nd vision-nd thn dfins thm in wys tht rdrs cn bsorb nd utiliz…

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Followrs should b willing to follow you bcus of th positiv influnc tht you hv on popl s good ldr. To b n ffctiv ldr, on nds to continully dvlop onslf. High qulity ldrship ntils mpowring othrs to xrcis thir hug potntil for th bnfit of th orgnistion or th tm. Followrs hv to trust you s ldr nd trust hs to b rnd from on's ctions. On cnnot hop to b n xcptionl ldr unlss on is slf-disciplind. Ldrship strts with bing bl to ld yourslf bfor on cn ld othrs.
John Mxwll hs bn lrning nd tching ldrship throughout his ntir crr s Wslyn pstor nd sminr spkr. H livs nd brths ldrship. nd in this book h hs distilld th rt of ldrship. Wll, not so simpl, myb, but t lst undrstndbl.
Mny popl ttin positions of ldrship in th orgnistions, community nd othr sphrs of lif but with no guidnc of wht good ldrship ntils. John Mxwll did good job of writing smll book pckd with usful guidnc on how to b n ffctiv ldr. H dividd th book into thr prts. Th first prt dscribs how on cn dvlop s ldr, whilst th scond prt xplins th trits of ldr nd th lst prt is on th impct tht ldr cn hv on popl.
Mxwll stts tht h cn quickly tll who th rl ldr/influncr in group is, bcus whn this prson spks ...
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