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Armed Conflicts

The first step to this approach would be to refuse the perception regarding the future's nature of the war which is usually unrealistic and which is believed to have received big acceptance in the earlier years. For instance, the quick and easy victory of the US marine over Iraq in the early 1990's gulf war as well as the fast change in information, communications and precision munitions advancements is believed to have caused a military affairs revolution due to the competitive advantage of the United State as far as those advancements were concerned.
McMaster (2009) claims that there has been a general perception that there will not be a major rival competitor in military war fare with the United States of America for a number of good years (say twenty). As a result of this perception, military concepts in several other countries have promised quick and cheap victory in future conflicts involving their military. Subsequently, there was a reduced dependency on the mighty of the military which further resulted to transformation of the defense department.
While talking of transformation of defense depart ...
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For almost all military institutions, the final auditor is war. Conflicts experienced currently in some parts of the world such as Iraq and Afghanistan have raised the alarms for quick need of response with regard to ideal current experience. The quality of the peoples' perception of war and small conflicts should be dramatically improved by the analysis of the contemporary situation coupled with understanding of the history of war…
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