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Method and Progress in Management Science

For example, there has been a shift from efficiency to flexibility in modern management due to the new technological advances, and this situation produces new problems in management.
There are many examples of technological advances that were produced in accordance with scientific advances like the clock, electrolysis, electric power distribution, the telegraph, the telephone, canned food, etc. Learner and Phillips (1993) remark that "The commercialization cycle is now so short that many scientific advances cannot be discussed without joint consideration of technology and management."
Major point #3: Experiment in management sciences is almost impossible since it is extremely difficult to verify the evidence regarding the issues of research through controllable forecasting, which in turn can be very valuable for obtaining practical results in management decision and management science.
Learner and Phillips provide evidence to make their point about controllable forecasting in management science by providing the following insight: "Entrail readers and prophets predicted immutable futures, implying that human action is ineffectual before the whim of the gods. ...
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Main theme: The roles of theory, methodology, data, and problems are analyzed in order to deal with the issue of progress in management sciences in a way that scientific research can foster more valuable advances.
Major point #1: The structuring of new problems in management science should be the main area of concern so management science can face the present challenges due to the new technological and scientific advances.
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