The important elements of marketing plan: marketing theory

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The important elements of marketing plan are to precisely define the business, identify the goals and serve as the firm's resume. Pro forma balance sheet, an income statement, planning precise strategies and cash flow analyses comprises the basic components of a marketing plan.


Other important applications include informing the details of the company to the sales personnel, suppliers and others so that they become aware of company's goals and achievements. Let's look at the essential elements of marketing plan for a computer-centralize system for a group of hotels.
High fields Hotels comprises a group of five hotels based in Southampton and concentrates more on weeknight business clienteles. Employing proper technological applications for appropriate work solves many problems. High fields Hotels uses outdated technological applications that create more problems than solutions.
High fields Hotels use standalone PCs to meet the requirements like billing, checking in and checking out of the customers etc. Using PCs is not the problem; the problem arises due to non-availability of network systems in the five hotels. They don't have any central reservation systems that can keep them updated about the different activities of the hotels all the time.
Most of the work is done manually at these five hotels. All the five hotel general managers are answerable to group managing director (MD). The hotel general mangers prepare a report by extracting the required data from various systems of the hotels and create management reports using a word processing application. ...
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