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review of GE company - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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GE started its operations in the UK, in the year 1930 achieving tremendous growth in the past years and achieved accelerated growth in the UK through sheer hard work and innovation strategy. It is one of the biggest firms operating in the UK having invested $10 billion in the country…

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review of GE company

Among them, Aberdeen in Scotland, London in England, and Cardiff in Wales are the most prominent locations where the firm's offices can be found. Company's investment is not limited to any one particular sector, but the company has invested in multiple sectors. Most prominently, the company has invested in Technology Infrastructure, Energy Infrastructure, GE Capital and NBC Universal. All of these entities and subsidiaries have a significant presence in the entire United Kingdom. The company as a whole is a subsidiary of one of the largest companies of the world, General Electric.
In the UK, the company is more focused in the field of Aviation and is found to be heavily involved in the work of aircraft engines. The company has two major facilities pertaining to aviation in Wales. It has two specialists overhaul and repair facilities in the notable areas of Cardiff and Prestwick. The company's recent acquisition of Smith Aerospace has made it the world leader in aviation and aerospace industry. It has achieved this position by continuously following the strategy of innovation and it was one of the major factors in making the firm as the winner firm and market leader in the aviation industry.
The invention of turbojet engines was a landmark in the history of the company's continuous struggles toward innovation and coming up with "first of its type" products. ...
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