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Normalcy to the New Deal

With this backdrop, the 1920s election was conducted commencing the resurgence of Republicans with the selection of Warren G. Harding as the new president together with Calvin Coolidge as vice president.
Warren G. Harding is often quoted for his flea for normalcy: "America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration...not surgery but serenity." Normalcy is known as the new president's thrust for the restoration of "good old days" before the World War I and its resolution to focus on internal affair. Thus, the Harding administration maintained its opposition on the League of Nations. Among his notable contributions is the promotion of conservative opinions marked by appointment of Taft to Supreme Court. Andrew Mellon, one of the senators supported lower taxes and lower government spending. A tax cuts for wealthy households was also implemented. Though these measures were indicative of tight fiscal policies, the Republicans also highlighted the existence of a balanced budget. The Republican's conservatism was reflected on the high tariffs levied on imported products. The difficulty of recovery during the period after the Great War is often attributed to this domestic industry protectivism. The Harding administration became involved with the Tea Dome scandal. ...
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The period after the World War I is known as the resurgence of the Republicans in the American politics. The involvement of the country in the Great War had irrefutably changed the national situation. As a result, the end of war brought a relief to the United States…
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