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British and Nigerian Foundation Curriculum - Essay Example

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Barnett, W. S. (2006) defines curriculum as an integrated course of academic studies composed of classes outlined by an institution for completion of a program of study leading to a study leading to a degree or certificate.
Baker, G. (1973) defines nursery or foundation for study as a care facility for children below school going age, usually starting from infancy to ages of three to four…

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British and Nigerian Foundation Curriculum

Furthermore, education in UK is regarded as a consumer good. That is, it is aimed at developing the human personality and mental development of skills, talents, ideas, scope and present knowledge so as to be used by the individual in enriching his knowledge, self-esteem and personality. Thus education in UK is aimed at developing an individual socially and intellectually and for transmitting norms and values in individuals. Emphasis is on child-centered learning by using the existing body of knowledge that is encyclopedias, web and other reference books. It aims at developing the whole person, including vocationalism by involving visits to the field of businesses, firms and organization. As a final result, a person of a groomed personality with eloquence and qualifications is trained also to face economic challenge of raising the country's GDP and maintaining it.
During further phases of comparison and constrast, Card D. and A.B Krueger (1992) state that in Britain, there are grammar schools where students are selected on the basis of class and creed. There are non-selective or comprehensive schools where anyone willing to acquire education is welcomed. ...
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