doping in sports

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The test for doping is not reliable all the time and is faced with a myriad of technical challenges which need the intervention of strong policies so as to help improve the practice of testing for doping
The modern Olympic Games were founded by one Pierre de Coubertin and he was apt to add that these games should be protected from all possible threats that can face the games as an organization or institution.


Indeed, his speech was an act of prophesy because decades after, the sporting activity is saturated with incidences of doping (Burns, 2005). The most hit sporting activity has been the Tour de France cycling competition which drew the full attention of the media to the doping issue (Hoberman, 2007) an issue that had otherwise been covert prior to this.
If one ever thinks that doping is a threat to the sporting activity alone then he/she is ultimately mistaken. Based on the sophistication and scope of doping, it poses a threat to more than the world of sport. Initially, doping was considered as a cheating problem but now it has reached proportions that are subject to societal concern. Indeed, as the stakes involved in the sporting activity keep on increasing, the practice continues to be widespread and consequently, the moral values of the sporting activity become questionable and the general health of the sportsmen continue to be under threat and great risk. ...
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