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Case Study example - Election Program

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Case Study
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As with any political decision, both sides should be equally considered and the outcomes of each option weighted until the politician can find the best outcome. This is especially important if the politician is a candidate for president, where every move is carefully watched by America…

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Any good candidate would. However Edwards is "is running for president to build One America" ( and with an issued that is so likely to divide American, I think it would be a tough issue for him to decide one.
And rightly so. The problems in American are huge. Especially with the buyer of the airport being from the Middle East, the situation becomes even more complex. There are still many Americans today who hold out racial hatred against any people from that region, and I can see already the protests coming from such people about selling over the airport to them. Especially sense the American concern for air security is already so high; I think many problems would come from the selling of the airport.
However, the poll numbers show that 59 percent of people support the idea, and Edwards is a man of the people after all. In theory, it would be best for Edwards to support the idea on the campaign trail. This could work in his favor, as it would bring 59 percent of the public opinion under his belt, and it would work great for his every man image, and his idea of standing up to the old corrupt government as a person of the people. ...
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