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Gulf Air

Assets of the gulf air company have become manifold as compared to the time it started its business. (Gulf Air Official Website, 2010)
The history of Gulf aviation relates back to the 1940s when a British pilot and entrepreneur named Freddie Bosworth started a company with the aim of providing air taxi services to the local customers and to the businesses. For ten years he was carrying on with the company with his small fleet of aircrafts and at the end of first quarter of 1950 he transformed his business into a private shareholding company with the name of Gulf Aviation. Therefore, it can be regarded as one of the oldest air carriers performing operations in the Middle East. After some time in 1951, the founder of the company died and it was all set to be sold to the big guns of the aviation industry. (Gulf Air Official Website, 2010)
In the month of October of the year 1951 British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) acquired a 22% stake in the Gulf Aviation and therefore became a major share holder in the company. After the purchase of stake of the Gulf Aviation by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) some of the updated and technologically advanced aircrafts were added to the fleet of the company as well as the company started its services to London city.
Year 1973 is regarded as the most important year in the his ...
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Gulf air is the company owned by the kingdom of Bahrain and is a national pride in Bahrain. Gulf air is one of the leading airline companies of the world with its operations in major cities of the world. Gulf air flies to the busiest airports of the world like London, Paris, Dubai and Mumbai…
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