Stress at Work in UK Organization and Culture

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People love to work for their desired goals. They enjoy meeting workplace targets and challenges within the allowed parameters like, time, effort, physical fit, intellectual and mental abilities. However, generally a renouncing word called 'burnout rate' or 'fatigue' replaces the workplace motives to perform the desired goals of individuals and organizations.


Hence, the current research intends to observe the factors that are causing the workplace stress in UK amidst of the hanging scenario of globalization activities. Whether, the working culture of UK for long hours still dominates the work motivation of the employees or not is the key area of observation. Outcomes of the stress and the risk levels of stress is proposed to be analyzed parallel. Stress management aspects like stress reduction techniques, stress control policies, employee workplace facilities etc., will be closely observed. And the conceptual frame work of UK to manage the stress at workplace will be closely observed to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented guidelines and the current status of the stress management in workplaces.
The study is proposed to use quantitative research methodology to prove the hypothesis as it facilitates the researcher to collect the primary data from a big population of employees on the factors of stress at work.
And the qualitative research method is proposed to observe the UK framework to address the stress at work and impact or effect of the local organization with those guidelines. The literature review is proposed to observe different illustrations and opinions of experts on industry facts.
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