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Essay example - Effect of Colour on Advertising

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Advertising is non-personal, paid announcements by an identified sponsor." (Duncan, T., 2005: 9) The main function of advertising is trying to translate the information of brands and their products, and persuade the customers to purchase the products or service of the firm…

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The purpose of advertising is to bring together all of the various elements into one area to achieve an interaction that will communicate a message within a given context. The message could convey and could be changed by carefully altering the visual essentials. These elements are essentially words, photographs, illustrations, and graphic images combined with a controlling force of black, white, and colour. (
Advertising is a message that is created to endorse a product, a service, or a thought. In many countries, people come into daily contact with many kinds of advertising. Printed advertisements make up a large part of newspapers and magazines. Poster advertisements appear in many buses, and in shops and other public buildings. Commercials are advertisements which interrupt TV and radio programmes. Other types of advertisements are called adverts or ads. The purpose of most advertising is to sell products or services. Manufacturers advertise to attempt to influence people to purchase their products. Large business firms also use advertising to create a favourable "image" of their company.
Colour is highly emotive and highly memorable. We are drawn to the familiar, as well as to things (colours) that reflect our own feelings. ...
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