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of Joel - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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The Book of Joel is a part of the Tanakh1 and the Old Testament of Christian Bible. In the latter, this book is a component of The Twelve which refers to the twelve prophetic books or Minor Prophets. The book is comprised of three chapters and could be divided into two sections namely "an account of a plague of locusts and a drought that ravaged Judah as symbolic of a divine judgment"2 and the "promise of the gift of the spirit of the Lord for the entire population which declares the final judgment on all nations."3 The prophecy is given to the southern nation of Judah in order to warn the people of the coming Day of the Lord which is the judgment for Israel and other nations in the world an…

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of Joel

Joel is the prophet of Pethuel who is also an unknown Bible character. It is widely accepted that Joel is a resident of Judah because his commission was to the people in the place.5
The examination of the book is restrained by the absence of a definite date when it is written. As opposed to other prophets who indicated the ruling the nation when the prophecy is given, the Book of Joel did not convey a definite date6. Some scholars support that the prophecy is given during the pre-exilic period (9th century or 835 BC) because of its early placement in the Hebrew canon, the reference to the enemies of Judah including Tyre, Sidon, Philistia, Egypt, and Edom, and the type of government where the elders rule and that is supportive of the time when Joash was king at age seven7. ...
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