Common Decency

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1. Personal safety may have been threatened in the case wherein a disabled customer on a wheelchair could not get into the function room of Ballroom A. It may be possible that this customer might attempt to pass through narrow areas between tables and chairs and this may cause accidents in both the disabled person and the other guests.


Unfortunately, the general manager of the hotel was arrogant and disrespectful to the hotel guests. Potential conflict may be avoided if the general manager did not express his emotions with regards to how frustrated he has become with regards to persons with disabilities. Escalation of conflict from potential to actual may be prevented by considering how the client must feel that he could not attend the wedding because his wheelchair could not pass through the function room. A pleasing tone in communicating to the guests may also prevent the escalation of conflict.
3. One conflict involved the non-availability of a room for one hotel guest, despite her presentation of a confirmation number for a reservation that was made two weeks earlier. A solution to this problem would involve the immediate provision of a room for this particular guest and possibly an additional feature, such as a free dinner from the hotel's dining room, free of charge. The other conflict involved the inability of a disabled guest to get into the function room of a wedding. A possible solution to this conflict would involve the movement of tables in the function room and assisting the guest in getting into the wedding reception.
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