Murder Scenes in Thrse Raquin and Perfume

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The following work analyzes two murder scenes, one of which is extracted from chapter forty-five of Perfume, a novel written by Patrick Sskind, and the other from chapter eleven of Thrse Raquin, one of Emile Zola's most famous literary works. In Perfume, Grenouille, the main character, murders a young girl in order to extract her scent which forms the ultimate ingredient required to successfully create his exquisite perfume.


The similarities between the two scenes are mostly based on the fact that both are ones of murder. Fear for example is an emotion that the protagonists of both scenes experience. Although Grenouille has managed to maintain his calm during and after the murdering process, the fear element still existed. The sound of the blow is what got him scared or even more the possibility of hearing an echo to this sound. When it comes to Camille's murder scene, fear plays a prominent role. Throughout the scene, Thrse's panic went gradual. It started by an unexplained anxiety that preceded the murder. During the murdering process, that anxiety turned into a nervous breakdown that eventually led to her losing consciousness. The panic that this young woman felt was expressed by many physical evidences: ''her lower limbs were trembling with anxiety.'', '' The young woman turned horribly pale''and '' bursting into sobs, and falling to the ground.. ''.These descriptions are revealing of the character of madame Raquin.She strikes us as a woman who is torn between her love and her conscience.Her fear is explainable however as it is normal for any woman in her situation to feel such feeling. ...
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