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Essay example - Constantin Brancusi

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Constantin Brancusi is a famous sculptor who was born in Hobita, Romania, but his talent propelled him outside the borders of his country, so he became the greatest sculptor of the 20th century, being considered the pioneer of the modern path in this field.

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On the other hand his sculpture was influenced by the traditional Romanian motifs, so the past was not totally vanished.
Born in a small village from Romania, a country not yet so developed in many fields, Brancusi enjoyed a peaceful life, in the middle of nature. In the past and even nowadays the Romanian peasants decorated their houses with traditional signs, motifs, that later appeared in Brancusi's works next to the avant-gardist ones. At the same time each of his sculpture has a theme or several ideas. So, the redefinition of the form begins with the transformation of antic in something modern, of an easy work into something more difficult to understand. Brancusi's originality lays in the inner strength of his sculptures, in the geometrical and simple forms. These came from his country values: simplicity and love for nature.
Constantin Brancusi was not so well received by the contemporaries because his sculptures were not facile, and could not be understood by everybody. ...
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