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Legal Issue Analysis

Fortunately for Sanders, her credentials seem quite good; she is former collage basketball star from northwestern, married mother of three a one of the very few Afro American women in high rank place in sport. Apart from her good credibility, legally also her case seems strong as she got fired just a few months after getting bonus of $ 76,000, Isiah has the reputation of using his hands freely with ladies and this franchisee is not be most profitable in professional basketball. The defendants claimed that they kept her on payroll while she looked for other jobs. This is highly unbelievable.
She was encouraged to keep quiet about her complaint by MSG CEO Steve Mills, or she would face character assassination (rumors about her affairs with other colleagues at MSG). Sanders being one of the few female (read non-white male) in high level management are a rare sight, especially in sports where the role of women is limited to that of cheerleaders, ticket sellers, personal assistant or clerk. Countless other women must've been subjected to harassment by Thomas or others like him. ...
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The legal issue analysis is for the article which appeared in Page 2 and ESPN the Magazine on September 27, 2007, titled "Idiots Guide to Isiah Trial" by Bill Simmons. This article is about the $ 10 million law suit trail brought on by Anucha Browne Sanders, vice president of marketing, at knicks ( owned by Madison Square Garden), for being unfairly dismissed after she hired a lawyer for pursuing a sexual harassment case against Isiah Thomas for making unwanted advances towards her and repeatedly addressing her in vulgar manner…
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