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Airport Operations Management

Dothan regional Airport is located in Dothan city which is one of the major cities in the U.S state of Alabama. This city derives its name from the bible; Genesis 37:17 " I heard them ,lets go to Dothan" and in most cases it is referred to as the ' The Circle City' due to its Rose Clarke Circle which encircles most parts of the city. According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics, the current population of the city is approximated to be 62, 713 in 2005. The area it covers is 224.8Km2 and it is located at 3113'38"N, 8524'26"W.
On February15th 1965, Dothan Regional Airport was opened to serve as a commercial transportation aviation facility in the State of Alabama. By then, it was considered one of the best facilities in the state and served as a useful aviation centre for the economic activities within the state. First of all, the initial construction (of Napier Field) was developed in 1941 as part of meeting the expanding needs for the U.S Army Air Corps who found the area useful for their operations. During the World War II, the personnel in this army made the project to train more staff to meet the demands of the war at that time. This necessity gave it way for the construction process to begin.
The field was named after one of the Army's flight surgeons, Major Edward L. Napier died in a plane crash in Ohio. ...
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Dothan regional Airport is one of the airports in the U.S particularly located in the state of Alabama. The airport has risen from a major training filed for U.S Army Corps during the Second World War to become one of the most utilized airports in the state1…
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