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The Economic Rationale for Toll Roads

It will analyze the benefits and cost that are associated with tolling which is used widely in the world. But first let us take a close look at road transport system in the world n order to understand the rationale behind tolling.
Road transport is perhaps the oldest mode of transport in the world. It has a long history that spins many years ago. This was due to various means of transport that could use roads. The earliest means of transport that was used on the road were animals. Donkeys, mules and horses have been recorded as the being the oldest means of transport that were used in the world at the beginning. The civilization that was taking place in Mesopotamia that led to the invention of the wheel revolutionized road transport as other means of transport were invented. Key among these means of transport invented at that time was carriages. At the same time, John Macadam developed what could be termed as the modern form of roads. Though his road did not use bitumen and other material used today, it gave travelers a comfortable ride. This was a big reap forward in the development of road transport. The development of macadam road led to the development of modern load.
But perhaps the greatest development in the development of road transport was the invention of car by Daimler and others. ...
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Road transport has for along time become one of the most preferred modes of transport in the world. This has been due to many factors associated with the mode in comparison to other means of transport. It is also due to the factor the road transport is cheap and convenient…
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