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Essay example - Can You See the Real Me

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In this era, where technology has lifted its grounds to develop a more convenient way of communicating with other people, a wide variety of mediums had been invented, re-invented and innovated to fulfil and satisfy what is now called a need of the society…

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In communication per se, had people been able to communicate effectively by means of internet and cyber chatting Where can a person expose its real self Has there been a difference of how a person shows it self face-to-face and through internet
In Can You See the Real Me Activation and Expression of the "True Self" in the Internet, Bargh, McKenna and Fitzimons (2002), the idea that a person possesses a multiple sense of persona has been described by different psychologists and sociologists. True to the fact that a person can change moods and expressions in different situations, it is ideally easy to believe that a person or a stranger in the cyberworld can openly be with its "true self" rather than face-to-face situations or encounters.
If a person in the cyberworld remains anonymous and is spared with the risks of social sanctions while remaining socially active, then a person can reveal its "true-self" in the internet rather than face-to-face encounters.
During the process of identifying if a person in the cyberworld remains anonymous and is spared with the risks of social sanctions while remaining socially active, then a person can reveal its "true-self" in the internet rather than face-to-face encounters, forty six students enrolled in introductory psychology course in New York University of which 18 were male and 28 were female were identified as the Independent Variables (IV). ...
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