Supply Chain Management Essay

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McDonald restaurants can be found in 118 countries and territories worldwide. They claim to serve 50 million customers every day. Revenues for 2004 were a whooping US$19.1 billion, with net income valued at $2.75 billion. Most detached McDonald's restaurants have drive-through service and in-counter services, with indoor seating generally.


As per the franchise agreement, the Corporation owns most properties where McDonald's is located. The UK business model is different, in that fewer than 30% of restaurants are franchised, with the majority under the ownership of the company. McDonald's trains its franchisees and others at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois. Nearly one in eight workers in the US has worked with McDonald's at one point in their lives. [1] Eric Schlosser's. McDonald's is also the largest private operator of playgrounds in the country, apart from being the single biggest purchaser of pork, beef, potatoes, and apples. The meats that the company deploys vary with the culture of the country. McDonald's is unique in several ways to its competitors as regards the way it runs its business.
It has not always been smooth sailing though, for the most famous fast food joint in the world. McDonald's has been targeted by criticism for allegations of manipulation of entry-level workers, , ecological damage generated by industrial processing of its products, selling far from healthy food, producing packaging waste, exploitative and controversial advertising and partaking in the suffering of livestock. McDonald's' tendency towards promoting high-calorie foods like French fries has not helped either. ...
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