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Maryland Health Careers describes nursing as "a career filled with endless personal and professional rewards. Choosing nursing as a profession means choosing to spend your life helping others-using skills that blend scientific knowledge with compassion and caring."


It has always been my life-long dream to become a nurse but that dream had always been waylaid by other priorities in the past. This time though, I am intent on pursuing my dream of finally becoming a Registered Nurse.
In that vein, I am hoping to secure a scholarship from your good office-for my course as a nursing student-in order to help me out with the financial aspect of my education. I am applying for the scholarship to lessen my financial burden, giving me enough money to continue supporting my family and my studies. I can assure you that I am not just hard working but ambitious and highly zealous when it comes to making my dreams come true.
I would like to become a nurse for many reasons. As a nurse, I would like to help design and complete quality assurance activities to ensure appropriate nursing care. I would also like to help terminally ill patients die with dignity, and help family members deal with dying and death.
I am also hoping that my acquired skills will help me provide a better future for my family. I would like to put my three children through school so I'm counting on the fact that, if granted the scholarship, I would be able to finish my own education while taking care of my children's schooling as well. I hope I will be given the chance to prove my capabilities as a diligent nursing student and as a worthy citizen contributing quality services to my community.
I inte ...
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