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Essay example - Strategy Implementation

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Strategy implementation activities generally are played out over longer periods of time than the formulation of plans. Strategy formulation is usually more time bound and focused than implementation of the plans generated, the former lasting weeks or months but the latter often lasting years…

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We need to shift with it and we implement every strategy with result-oriented mindset" (Ambrosini, pp. 123-126). McConnon (pp. 46-51) mentions that Intel recognizes the need for continually analyzing and reviewing its strategies in order to meet the changes and challenges that come from the external environments so as to meet the stakeholders' expectations. Intel strives for business renewal and revitalization as a way of dealing effectively with the impact of the information society on today's dynamic industry. This paper discusses Strategy Implementation in the context of the case study of Intel in a concise and comprehensive way.
Intel is an innovation-driven organization that strongly believes that competitive advantage can be achieved by choosing the right option at the right time so as to create value to Intel's key stakeholders: its customers. To achieve this Intel uses the following key drivers:
According to Edwards (pp. 46-47) due to Intel's successful early days into the semiconductor industry, Intel established itself as one of the leading brands in the hi-tech sector. Intel managed to create and develop such an established and well recognized brand by being able to launch new products as well as being able to reinvent itself (e.g. moving from semiconductor memories to microprocessors).
In other words, management created a dynamic internal environment where people were enc ...
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