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In this age of liberalization and globalization, the world seems to think on similar patterns. The diversity at work places, in an effort to provide an international look, makes it much clearer. The globalization regime knows no geographical boundaries and what matters is economic exchange and business ventures.


Companies now realize that in order to create a productive environment such differences need to be harnessed in such a manner that everybody feels valued with their talents fully utilized for meeting the organizational goals. This study is an effort to look into such diversities in general. With the female gender rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts in almost all professions, the diversity on account of gender in particular is the one most talked about now a days. An effort would also be made in this study to analyze some cases in which women have been leading an organization.
In order to manage an organization, there are a number of key stakeholders like customers, government, environment, human resources etc. Managing other operations and activities become far more convenient if a company is able to manage its human resources effectively. Having a pool of talented and motivated workforce certainly helps the matters. Terry & Franklin (1994) defines management as 'a distinct process consisting of activities of planning, organizing, actuating and controlling performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives with the use of human beings and other resources'. ...
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